Episode 72 – Bandit


Episode 72: #BanditGraffiti is a #graffitiartist from Los Angeles and member of Indecline.

Topics: #CovidArt work in NOLA, @teachr1 ‘s hatchet attack story, @thrashbird came to town…, #alanhostetter the #lastreetartgallery #sheepking , @jaimecamil collaboration , @indeclineofficial, taking over trump hotel, #nakedtrump, you fucked up the crosswalk sign for me!, Trump supporter on leashes, #IndianAlley, Bandit loves the blues, Shout out to our patrons @flipsidemcd and @domomonster7!

Follow bandit on ig @banditgraffiti

Episode 73: @theeo is a legendary DJ in the #socalrave scene. He is known as the “Godfather” of the #LosAngeles #rave scene.
Topics: @teachr1 burying the hatchet, Hawaii, eddie aikau, Santa Barbara, #vinyl days, experimenting at the risk of success vs expressing yourself, #artAsPassion and art for purchase, #tokidoki, map point parties, curation as an art form, controlling your own destiny as an artist, Papa #raver, making music for yourself, Open ears = Open minds, #eddiewouldgo.

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